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Submit your essayfor a chance at winning one of the top awards.
Deadline: Midnight, April 1st, 2018
Before registering for the Essay Competition, please review the Essay Competition Rules below and make sure that you are prepared to submit the appropriate documents as described. Once all you documents are in order, please use the link below to submit your essay.


- Enrolled in a Nationally Accredited Radiation Therapy Program.
- Attend the 2017 CART Annual Conference.

Judging Criteria

          -Educational Value


First Place:        $125
Second Place:    $75
Third Place:         $50

Essay Competition Rules

Essay Competition Rules
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    1. Students must be enrolled in a Nationally Accredited Radiation Therapy Program.
    2. Students must attend the CART Annual Conference.
    1. Essays will be sent to the chair of the essay committee, who will then submit the unidentified copies of the essays to the judges. 
    2. The essays will be evaluated by three (3) judges. There will be enough judges available to avoid conflicts of interest. All decisions of the judges are final. 
    3. An essay will have to receive a minimum of 75 points from each judge to be considered for an award. If no essay meets the minimum standard no award will be given for the year. 
    1. Originality- Evidence of original work performed by the author(s):
      1. Originality
      2. Unprecedented
      3. New approach.
    2. Educational or technical value
      1. Relevancy: contributes to higher radiological standards.
      2. Expands or enhances existing knowledge. 
    3. Scholarship
      1. Mastery of the subject matter.
      2. Comprehensive research of literature.
    4. Readability
      1. Development of an orderly, logical sequence.
    5. Mechanical
      1. Neatness, Grammar, Spelling, & Punctuation
      2. Use of correct terms.
  4. AWARDS 
    1. First Place:       $125
    2. Second Place:  $75
    3. Third Place:      $50
    1. Manuscripts shall be at least 1,500 words.
    2. Manuscripts must be typed, double-spaced, in AMA reference style guidelines, with 1-inch margins, and numbered pages.
    1. All submissions must be completed online.
    2. (2) copies of your Essay in pdf format:
      1. (1) copy is to contain a title page with the name, address and phone number of the program and student.
      2. (1) copy is to contain only the title of the essay. 
    3. A letter from the Program Director stating you are enrolled in a Radiation Therapy Program in pdf format.
    1. All manuscripts must be emailed before 12:00 am April 1, 2018.
    2. Any manuscripts sent after 12:00 am April 1, 2018 will not be considered for judging. 

Dozens of tickets are written every month in South Mississippi for minors in possession of alcohol. It is an offense that could not only cost the person charged hundreds of dollars, it could also cause them to lose their license for up to 90 days, and even worse; it can follow them the rest of their lives.

"If you enter a plea of guilty, it's on your record," Harrison County Justice Court Judge Albert Fountain said.

Fountain knows everyone makes mistakes, and instead of letting one mistake follow a young person for the rest of their life, the judge has come up with an alternative way to sentence children charged with minor in possession of alcohol.

"A 1,000 word essay on The Book of Revelations and also the effects from drinking alcohol," Fountain said. "I don't force them to do that. It's their choice. That's just my recommendation. They can write it on anything they want to."

He also takes their license for 10 days and places them on a 90 day non-reporting probation with conditions of good behavior.

"It just felt like I had to do something different," Fountain said. "There is more to it than just sentencing someone, and I felt I needed to make a difference."

While he knows it can be considered controversial, Fountain feels it is right.

"Separation of church and state is a big topic, and I understand some people have their beliefs, but I think what's wrong with the country today is that we've taken Christ and God out of everything," Fountain said.

The judge has been sentencing children this way for the past eight to 10 years. He said about one in every 20 children choose to write an essay on something other than The Book of Revelations.

"Some of the things I have gotten from them is that the fear, really reading the essays, what they ought to face in the future if they don't do the right things," Fountain said. "It's pleasing to me to see that."

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