Unit 3 Ap World History Map Assignment

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Unit 3 600-1450 Map Assignment

Unit 3 is all about the interconnection of cultures through trade and communication which led to major developments in the
form state building and various examples of cultural diffusion.  To reflect this in your world map you will be required to:
·    Find and label a specific list of cities/cultural centers (the list is shown on the back of this paper).  
·    You will also be required to demonstrate the expanse of various empires that emerged during this period in history. The empires often had overlaps so it will require that you shade them differently (using different colors) and label the map in such a way that it is clear which empire ruled at what time [Example: if shading the region that was the largest reach of the Roman empire you could label the color used in a key as “Roman Empire by 180 CE” and indicate a different color for that of the Persian Empire, Alexandrian Empire and Phoenician Empire]  For the purpose of clarity and neatness, sketch the outline of the empire and use a dashed line to indicate the empire borders (you should also shade lightly). This time an effort was made to only have partial overlaps, however if you label beyond what is required/shade beyond what is required that is great
- Label key geographic reference points such as the oceans and major seas
You may label things beyond the list of required labels, but be careful to not label the names of countries or cities which do not emerge until much later time periods.  Some of the listed locations have a modern country in parenthesis to help you identify which city is being sought, as some have been duplicated in other  regions (Example: Alexandria –Alexander the Great was an egomaniac that loved to name things after himself so he often renamed cities in his empire Alexandria)

 Your Unit 3 Map will be due December 6th.   Please do not be late, as you have had plenty of notice for the creation and completion of this map

Student Sample 2012-2013

Cities/Cultural Centers:

 ·       Rome
 ·       Constantinople
 ·       Cairo
 ·       Damascus
 ·       Mecca
 ·       Baghdad
 ·       Hormuz
 ·       Mogadishu
 ·       Sarai
 ·       Delhi
 ·       Calicut
 ·       Tamluk
 ·       Turfan
 ·       Dunhuang
 ·       Karakorum
 ·       Malacca
 ·       Guangzhou
 ·       Hakata
 ·       Beijing
 ·       Hangzhou
 ·       Tangier
 ·       Cordoba
 ·       Tours
 ·       Angkor
 ·       Macao
 ·       Edo
 ·       Brunei
 ·       Bandung
 ·       Timbuktu
 ·       Great Zimbabwe
 ·       Zanzibar
 ·       Mbanza
 ·       Kiev
 ·       Novgorod
 ·       York (England)
 ·       Dublin
 ·       Reykjavik
 ·       Cuzco
 ·       Tenochtitlan
 ·       Chichen Itza
 ·       La Playa

 Required Civilizations/Empires: 
·      Song Empire (sometimes found as Sung)
 ·      Entire Mongol Empire 1206-1279
 ·      Byzantine Empire by 644
 ·      Mali Empire
 ·      Songhai Empire 
 ·       Holy Roman Empire 936-1250
 ·       Timur Empire 1405
 ·       Aztec Empire 
 -       Incan  Empire

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