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speedilly wrote:

Hi all,
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Anyone know where we can see a few sample essays for Harvard's essay question this year?

"As we review your application, what more would you like us to know as we consider your candidacy for the Harvard Business School MBA Program? (no word limit)"

The Harbus's book unfortunately focuses on last year's question, which is obviously different from this year's, but they've asked this before so surely these sample essays exist somewhere.


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balki1867 wrote:

Just my $0.02 -- I wasn't a big fan of Montauk's book.

The stats for MBA programs are completely off (due to GMAT inflation over the last ten years), and the some of the sample essays are atrocious -- I'm shocked some of these people got into B-school, they couldn't tell a story with a coherent point. Additionally, he quotes a lot of B-school AdCom members and most of the advice is either really trite, ("Be Yourself. We want to get to know you as a person.") or it directly contradicts other advice in the book.

I bought the book in the summer of 2007 and applied in Fall 2008, so its possible there is a new edition that is better. In general though, I would recommend getting it from your local library and seeing how useful you think it is.

Thanks for the feedback - I thought it was the best MBA Applications book I have found so far, at least for starters. (I have the 2010 edition). I liked the Princeton Book but it was 50 pages vs 500, so does not come in comparison. With that, I am fully in agreement with you - the essays are really old and it has a few other issues - for sure. Any other book you would recommend instead? I am very open to recommendations!!!

P.S. Also, I am trying to look at these books from a perspective of an applicant and somebody who does not have my or possibly your knowledge from hanging out on GC (for years in my case), so take some of my thoughts with a grain of salt since they may not be written for you per se, but this is also why I would love feedback, since I am trying to think like a newbie and that may not work very well.


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