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This packet contains 14 different ways to play with toddler toys to facilitate speech and language goals. Cards were created for use as homework to be sent home with parents.

Page 1: Title Page
Page 2: Description
Page 3: Parent Letter
Page 4: Bubbles
Page 5: Basic Books
Page 6: Peg Puzzles
Page 7: Toy Cars
Page 8: Toy Bus
Page 9: Toy Farm
Page 10: Stacking Cups
Page 11: Simple Songs
Page 12: Mr. Potato Head
Page 13: Blocks
Page 14: Teddy Bear
Page 15: Playdough
Page 16: Crayons
Page 17: Mystery Box
Page 18: Ball
Page 19: Terms of Use
Page 20: Credits

Note: This packet is very "text heavy", despite several rounds of editing there is still the chance that I missed a typo. If you notice a typo please let me know so I can fix it ASAP, thanks!

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Product Description

This Kindergarten language spiral review resource can easily be used as spiral language HOMEWORK, spiral language MORNING WORK, or a DAILY LANGUAGE REVIEW! This spiral language review was designed to keep grammar & word work concepts fresh all year and to simplify your homework or morning work routines. All pages are 100% EDITABLE and easy to differentiate to fit your students' needs. Join the thousands of teachers who are using this spiral review system in their classroom and see why they love it!

What's Included...
✔34 weeks of Common Core aligned spiral language sheets (136 pages)
✔Includes all GRAMMAR and WORD WORK standards
✔Each sheet is one full week of spiral review, printed front and back. (SAVE PAPER)
✔Includes a variety of questions for each standard.
✔Comes with a “My Work” and "My Progress" page
✔ANSWER KEYS included!
✔ALL Sheets are 100% Editable!!!
✔Includes a Correlation Chart (Pacing Guide) so you can easily find the standards you need throughout the resource.
✔Comes in TWO formats: PDF and Word Document (Editable)
✔3 weeks of the next grade level are included for an end of the year preview! (optional)

Why Teachers Love It!
☺ Makes homework or morning work more predictable and easy to complete
☺ Students are exposed to multiple standards every day, keeping their skills sharp.
☺ The daily assignments are meaningful and NOT overwhelming.
☺ Each week focuses on a standard while still reviewing skills you've already taught.
☺ The progress monitoring section holds students accountable for their own learning.
☺ Parents appreciate the consistency of the homework (if using as homework).
☺ Teachers can easily see where students are still struggling on a regular basis
☺ It's Editable - change questions or wording to differentiate and fit your students' needs.
☺ Teachers find students need almost NO test-prep before standardized testing when using this resource all year.
☺ Homework completion rates increase! (if using as homework)

How is this Spiral Review Resource Different From Others?
✔This spiral review was strategically designed so that students DO NOT see standards they HAVE NOT been exposed to. (expecting students to complete work they have never been taught is not effective and can increase frustration)
✔The entire week fits on just one page. This helps schools and teachers save on copies while still providing meaningful review. Students can use the "My Work Page" or a simple notebook for extra space.
✔This entire resource is editable (Microsoft Word). You can easily edit, copy, paste, or delete anything and everything. Use these sheets to customize the perfect daily review system for your classroom!
✔It's also NO-Prep! If you aren't looking to edit the sheets, you can use the "easy print" option in the file to just print and go.
✔I am ALWAYS updating this resource to make it even more effective. If you decide to purchase this resource, you will receive ALL future updates for FREE! Education is always changing and so is this resource!

★★★ This Spiral Review System is also available in MATH.
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Using This Spiral Language Resource as HOMEWORK!
Give each student a homework sheet on Monday. They will complete one column each night (Monday through Thursday). You can choose to print the "My Work" page on the back or have your students show their work in a "homework notebook" if needed. At the beginning of class each day, I like to take about 5-8 minutes to quickly review the previous night's homework and clarify any questions my students may have. Students use the "My Progress" section to keep track of how they are doing and it helps hold them accountable for their own learning. My students value this time and use it to ask great questions because they know they will see similar questions on the next night's homework. See my "Spiral Language Assessments" section below to see how I assess my students each week on the same skills!

For more info and tips on making your homework system effective, check out this blog post {CLICK HERE}

Using This Spiral Language Resource as MORNING WORK!
Each morning, students complete just one column (Monday through Thursday). Before beginning the day, I take about 5-8 minutes to review that day's work. This gives students time to monitor their own progress and to ask questions. On Friday, I like to give a mini review quiz. This is the perfect time to assess your students and see where they still need help. Read below to learn about my "Spiral Language Assessments" that are PERFECT for Fridays.

Standards/Concepts Covered Each Week!

These homework sheets cover the Common Core Standards that relate to the following topics:

1. Recognize and Produce Rhyming Words; Print Upper and Lowercase letters RF.K.2.A, L.K.1.A
2. Recognize and Produce Rhyming Words; Print Upper and Lowercase letters RF.K.2.A, L.K.1.A
3. Sort Common Objects into Categories L.K.5.A
4. Sort Common Objects into Categories L.K.5.A
5. Count Syllables RF.K.2.B
6. Count Syllables RF.K.2.B
7. Opposites (antonyms) L.K.5.B
8. Opposites (antonyms) L.K.5.B

1. Understand and use question words L.K.1.D
2. Understand and use question words L.K.1.D
3. Use Prepositions L.K.1.E
4. Use Prepositions L.K.1.E
5. Capitalize the first word in a sentence and the pronoun I L.K.2.A
6. Capitalize the first word in a sentence and the pronoun I L.K.2.A
7. Ending Punctuation L.K.2.B
8. Ending Punctuation L.K.2.B
9. Spelling L.K.2.D

1. Spelling L.K.2.D
2. Nouns L.K.1.B
3. Verbs L.K.1.B
4. Nouns and Verbs L.K.1.B
5. Writing Sentences L.K.1.F
6. Expanding Sentences L.K.1.F
7. Shades of Meaning L.K.5.D
8. Shades of Meaning L.K.5.D
9. Real Life Connections L.K.5.C

1. Real Life Connections L.K.5.C
2. Multiple Meaning Words L.K.4.A
3. Multiple Meaning Words L.K.4.A
4. Inflections and Affixes L.K.4.B
5. Inflections and Affixes L.K.4.B
*Also Includes 3 weeks of the next grade level to be used as a preview at the end of the year!

**These are the new skills presented each week. Review problems are also included, but not listed.

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