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Essay on Our Dreams Give Us Hope

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Since the start of the world, Man has been searching for the meaning of life. He has looked everywhere but often failed to find it. The reason to live is to savor life and to live one filled with joy. This is another problem Man has often faced: how to be happy. Most of us think that we are happy when everyone else is proud of us, when we have achieved something for them or done something for the rest of the world. We strive to accomplish what others expect us to do, whether it is our parents, our friends, or even our teachers. The truth is something that has always been shunned: Man finds happiness by accomplishing the goals he sets for himself, realizing the dreams he holds. It turns out that the pursuit of happiness, something men have…show more content…

once gave a speech that would be repeated for many years. King was one of those few people who found happiness. He spoke of his desires and how they could be fulfilled. I find his speech extremely moving, not only because he was fighting for a noble cause but because he had his own ideas. In his speech, he started: “I have a dream.” He doesn’t start by speaking of the dream of all the blacks in the world, he speaks of what he hopes to accomplish. Martin Luther King Jr. does what he does for his own good, not necessarily for the good of others. And is this so wrong? After all, when King was assassinated in 1968, his dream had been fulfilled. He had the same rights as any other white man. Martin Luther King learned something about himself: despite the efforts of the non-African American society, he was powerful enough to earn his freedom. He was able to go against long-held ideas and win. King’s dreams led him to greatness. He died a happy and free man, one who had found the purpose of his life and fulfilled it. Like Martin Luther King, My parents also had a dream. My parents emigrated from India in 2001. It was an arduous process, they had to go through a mountain of paperwork, boundless fear of leaving the home they knew so well, and the sorrow of leaving their families for what lay in the unknown. They left their well-paying jobs for a place that promised nothing at all. They asked themselves: “am I ready for this?” And they didn’t know the answer. But they

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I could start this off by saying that I hope for our future we will have equality for all, world peace, no more hunger, or violence, and no poverty, or unhappiness. But, in today’s society, not even God could probably accomplish these things. There is always going to be some bad in this world and that is what makes the good seem even better. This is what I want for the future. I want people to see that bad days and disagreements will happen, and sometimes, unfortunately, the people will die over them; it is inevitable. I want people to celebrate the good in the world and not waste their lives away over the bad. If the whole world just smiled more, it would be a better place to live in.. “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade…” In other words, there are many ways to assist us in living more optimistically. Don’t be afraid to ask for help - learn from others. If you are down about something, or feeling slightly alone, people are generally a good remedy for this. Ask a friend to cheer you up; any sort of distraction is a step toward the right direction. People spend too much time thinking in their lives and if they could just go and do stuff and enjoy their company, maybe they would not be so depressed all of the time.
Art heals everyone. I wish that our world could be more expressive of their emotions. I think that people hold all of their emotions in and it just eats them alive. Even I am guilty of this from time to time. I just remind myself that I am human too and that even if I don’t want to tell people how I feel, I can convey it in a different way. In the future, I hope people realize that painting, writing, singing, dancing, playing sports, drawing, or even just coloring are really stress relieving and they are nothing to be ashamed of. They make for a joyful world, and a prettier one too.
Another positive solution is religion. I know that, generally if I am having a hard time, Hebrew school helps a lot! Part of this is my friends and just being able to talk in a comfortable place, but it’s also the idea of religion. For me, it is the idea that a higher power is up there looking down rooting for me. It gives me hope and strength when nothing else works. My Jewish education has shown me that half of the things God does for me are all in my head. Maybe God can’t fix world hunger, or violence, or cure death, but God gives us the power to move on afterwards, and make the world better for future generations. We don’t need less bad things, just more appreciation of the good things, and overall happiness. I hope that in the future, our world still has what it does now, and much more.


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