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grid-computing IEEE PAPER 2017

Time and Cost optimization by Grid Computing over Existing Traditional IT Systems in Business Environment
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Abstract: Grid computing harnesses the facility of thousands interconnected processors and their associated memories as one single unit ie instead of employing a network of computers merely to transfer information, Grid computing utilizes the unused PC processor cycles of

A review and classification of grid computing systems
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Abstract Grid Computing is used for high throughput computing at a lower-cost. It has the ability to accumulate the power of geographically scattered and heterogeneous resources to form a cohesive resource for performing higher level computations. Todays

Comparative Analysis of Various Advance Resource Reservation Algorithms In Grid Computing Environments
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ABSTRACT Grid computing is an emerging paradigm for next generation distributed computing. The Grid is a highly dynamic environment with servers coming on-line, going off- line, and with continuously varying demand from the clients. Advance Reservation is a

A genetic algorithm for independent job scheduling in grid computing
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Abstract: Grid computing refers to the infrastructure which connects geographically distributed computers owned by various organizations allowing their resources, such as computational power and storage capabilities, to be shared, selected, and aggregated. Job

Task Scheduling in Grid Computing: A Review
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Abstract Grid computing is a category of high performance computing environment facilitates to solve large scale computational demands. It involves various research issues such as resource management, task scheduling, security problems and information management.

Enhancing Resource Reservation by Applying Defer Time in FCFS Scheme for Grid Computing Environments
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ABSTRACT Grid Computing provides a promising environment where the resources are shared for the earlier execution of the program. The resource management techniques include resource discovery, resource allocation and resource reservation. This paper

Design and Analysis of Peer-to-Peer Fault-Tolerance Approach in a Grid Computing System
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ABSTRACT A grid computing system allows a large complex computing task to efficiently utilize high computing resources by splitting the task into many compute processes to be distributed and executed in parallel at many grid nodes. Under such paradigm, the system

On a Novel Grid Computing-Based Distributed Brute-force Attack Scheme (GCDBF) By Exploiting Botnets
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Abstract Brute-force attacks are known to be the promising way to break into even most complicated systems by trying every possible permutation of the keys. But since cryptosystems began to use longer and more complex keys, brute-force attacks has lost their

Load Balancing and Bandwidth in Grid Computing Environments
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ABSTRACT Load Balancing is the challenging tasks in the Computing infrastructure. These two tasks are interdependent. Well defined computing infrastructure may reach through a Blue Print is called GRID. Even advance Resource Management algorithms may suffer due

Analyzing the Difference of Cluster, Grid, Utility Cloud Computing
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Abstract: Virtualization and cloud computing is creating a fundamental change in computer architecture, software and tools development, in the way we store, distribute and consume information. In the recent era of autonomic computing it comes the importance and need of

Computation of Synchrotron Radiation on Arbitrary Geometries in 3D with Modern GPU, Multi-Core, and Grid Computing
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Abstract Open Source Code for Advanced Radiation Simulation (OSCARS) is an open source project developed at Brookhaven National Laboratory for the computation of synchrotron radiation from arbitrary particle beams in arbitrary magnetic (and electric) fields

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Abstract Cluster and grid computing have become extremely popular, significantly for scientific and engineering applications. Higher information measure of laptop Networks has any boosted development of cluster computing. Native and geographically distributed

Virtual Machines for Grid Computing
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ABSTRACT The emerging computational grid infrastructure will provide users with access to orders of magnitude more computing power than they currently have available. These resources will be heterogeneous in type and implementation and independently controlled

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Abstract Immediate/on-line and Batch mode heuristics are two methods used for scheduling in the computational grid environment. In the former, task is mapped onto a resource as soon as it arrives at the scheduler, while the later, tasks are not mapped onto resource as

Review Paper on Different Types of Attack in Grid Computing
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Abstract-As this grid type of network is highly vulnerable to various types of attacks. Major is black hole attack in the grid. This attack will produce the denial of service. Such that node destruction will be taken place. Every data arrives at this node will be dropped in between. In

Teaching Grid Technologies and Grid Computing to Undergraduate Students of Computer Science
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ABSTRACT Grid computing courses are usually designed for PhD. students. Usually, undergraduate students have possibility to learn flying information within subjects related to distributed computing, etc. This paper summarizes experience in teaching a subject aimed

Grid Computing Adoptability Model for Collaborative Research in Universities
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Abstract Use of grid computing as a distributed computing paradigm for collaborative research in universities cannot be over emphasized. It is a technology which provides a platform on which computing resources from heterogeneous systems are brought together

Grid Computing For Collaborative Research Systems In Kenyan Universities
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Grid computing technologies have the potential of providing universities in this country with opportunities and mechanisms to utilize a wide range of heterogeneous, distributed

A Comparative Analysis of Cloud Computing with Grid Computing
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Abstract Cloud Computing is a multipurpose technology that can support a broad-spectrum of applications. The low cost of cloud computing and its dynamic scaling renders it an innovation driver for small companies, particularly in the developing world. Cloud computing

Implementation of Antivirus based on Distributed Computing in GRID Architecture
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Distributed computing (an electronic enlisting), is used to pass on encouraged organizations over the web. The essential issue in the dispersed processing is that it depends on upon the fundamental client server auxiliary arranging. Answer for this issue in vicinity is the fuse of





grid computing IEEE PAPER 2016

Fault Tolerance in Grid Computing with Improved Resource Utilization and Maximum Efficiency
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Abstract: Today Highly secure or virtual grid is very demanding in which you can share any resource from any cluster even with existence of fault in system. This paper gives a method to improve the resource utilization with maximum efficiency and throughput even in

A New Approach for Dynamic Load Balancing using Simulation in Grid Computing
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Abstract-Grid computing technology can be seen as a positive alternative for implementing highperformance distributed computing. The goal of Grid computing is to create the illusion of virtual computer out of a large collection of connected heterogeneous nodes sharing

Enabling Remote Fault Diagnosis through Data-driven Grid Computing
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Abstract Due to the complexity of modern manufacturing and mechanical equipments, it is difficult for equipment users or maintainers to accomplish fault diagnosis independently. In this paper, the development history of fault diagnosis technology is surveyed and

High Exploitation Genetic Algorithm for Job Scheduling on Grid Computing
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Abstract Scheduling jobs on computational grids is identified as NP-hard problem due to the heterogeneity of resources; the resources belong to different administrative domains and apply different management policies. Genetic algorithm which is a metaheuristic search

A Critical Review on Resource Allocation Mechanisms in Grid Computing
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Abstract-In recent years, the fast evolution in the industry of computer hardware such as the processors, has led the application developers to design advanced softwares that require massive computational power. Thus, Grid Computing has emerged in order to handle the

Job Scheduling and Schedulers in Grid Computing-A Survey
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Abstract-Grid computing is a method to execute computational jobs requiring a significant amount of computing resources or large sets of data. This computing allows sharing of resources from distributed and heterogeneous locations. Grid Computing has wide variety

Grid Computing In Smartphones
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Abstract:The overall speed of execution of a task, which is considerably reduced due to the typical limitations of mobile devices can be efficaciously increased by aggregating the capabilities of distributed handhelds. Through an Ad-Hoc Network, task and data

Grid Computing for Effective performance of Job Scheduling
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ABSTRACT Grid computing is becoming the most important research area in the high performance computing. Under this concept, the job scheduling in Grid computing has more complicated problems. However, the major problem is the optimal job scheduling in which

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ABSTRACT: Since the grid is emerging all over the internet, there comes a need for optimal job scheduling and load balancing approaches that takes various characteristics of the grid environment into consideration. Our principal seek is to present a novel fault tolerant

Reputation Based Resource Selection in Grid Computing
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Abstract-Grid is a kind of distributed and parallel computing, mainly it is used to solve complex problems such as weather forecasting, earth observation and financial modeling etc. Grid differs from normal distributed computing by the way of resource sharing and

An Advanced Analysis on Grid Computing Security Threats
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Abstract:Grid computing is a distributed computing and storage infrastructure which provides high end computing or supercomputing capability by sharing the resources of computers over the network. To achieve grid computing, development of secure and

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ABSTRACT Ant colony optimization (ACO) is a Swarm Intelligence technique which inspired from the Foraging behaviour of real ant colonies. The ant deposit pheromone on the ground in order to mark the rout for identification of their routes from the nest to food that should

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Abstract: Pervasive computing is the means by which the digital world of the Grid couples into our physical world. Both Grid and Pervasive computing are about large numbers of distributed processing elements. Grid computing and pervasive computing are two visions

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ABSTRACT In this research Paper I am focusing on the To expand the effectiveness of any assignment, we require a framework that would give superior along adaptabilities and cost efficiencies for client. Disseminated figuring, as we are all mindful, has turned out to be

Application of Cukoo Algorithm to Improve Economic Scheduling In Grid Computing
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Abstract In this article, Cukoo algorithm was used to improve the economic scheduling in grid computing. Different economic calculation methods is evaluated given the synchronization importance of time and cost criteria. Using TCI algorithms, a new

An Adaptive Counting Job Scheduling algorithm for grid computing
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Abstract:In contrast to the traditional notion of using supercomputers, grid computing is proposed. Distributed computing supports resource sharing. Parallel computing supports computing power. Grid computing aims to harness the power of both distributed

Peer to Peer Resource Discovery Mechanisms in Grid Computing: A Critical Review
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Abstract-In computing systems such as the Grid, computing systems provide a lot of resources across multiple administrative domains to in order to handle a huge task. The major challenge faced by the system is to find the right resources on the network. In this

From grid to cloud computing service model: new business model for web services basedcomputing
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Abstract:-Grid and cloud computing are two models of distributed computing systems that are based on the same objective of sharing heterogeneous resources in terms of networks, compute, storage, software, platform and infrastructure, in a transparent way for the end

New Batch Mode Scheduling Strategy for Grid Computing System
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Abstract:Effective scheduling algorithm to reduce total completion time and promote resource utilization with load balancing in a grid computing environment is required. Scheduling tasks on heterogeneous machines distributed over a grid system proves to be


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