Dean Of Students Cover Letter

Dear Mr. Hughes,

I was thrilled to read about the opening for an Assistant Dean in New Parkland University’s Student Affairs Department. I am currently the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at New Parkland Community College, which I believe has adequately prepared me for work at a larger institution. My educational qualifications include completion of my Master’s Degree in Higher Education Administration with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

At New Parkland Community College, I provide assistance to the Dean in the administration of and support to all departments. I collaborate with departments across all academic disciplines to make certain that policies, procedures and systems in use support student retention and growth. I have excellent communication and leadership skills which assist me in my work.

I am responsible for coordinating assessments and implementation of planning strategies as an Assistant Dean. I am an analytical thinker and am able to determine when something is not worknig. My focus is always on supporting the students.

It would be an honor to work as the Assistant Dean for New Parkland University’s Office of Student Affairs. You’ll see upon reviewing my transcripts that I completed my Master’s Program with high marks. I can be reached any time for an interview.


Steven Smith

Dear Dr. Dietz

I am writing to apply for the Dean of Students position with London Community College. I am a higher education professional with 15 years of experience working in academia and a PhD in Community College Leadership.

In my current positions as English professor and Humanities Department Head with London Community College I teach classes in English Literature and Composition oversee the day to day operations of the Humanities division and hold office hours to attend to students’ questions. I am very organised and have proven myself able to manage multiple responsibilities with attention to detail and accuracy in a timely manner. My interpersonal skills allow me to deal with faculty and student concerns with diplomacy and understanding.

My academic and professional background have provided me with the skills to be an effective and thoughtful college administrator. I have earned accolades and awards for my advising skills with students and I consistently earn high marks in faculty reviews. I would sincerely like to lend these skills and characteristics to the Dean of Students position.

I am quite certain you will find me to go a qualified fit to be Dean of Students. I look forward to discussing the matter with you and hope you will contact me soon. Thank you for your time.


Kathryn Cain


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